Laurel Awards Program

In 2015, PASAE announced a new awards program, created to honor excellence in association leadership and operations.  The Laurel Awards program seeks to recognize association achievements for projects, ideas, programs, services, or events.

Now is the time to celebrate your success and share your
ideas and triumphs with your association peers!

Program Timeline

Program Year:  July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Application Window Opens:  September 25, 2017 

Application Deadline: November 17, 2017 (11:59 p.m. EST)

Winners Notified: December 31, 2017

Laurel Awards Gala (Spooky Nook Sports & The Warehouse Hotel): February 8, 2018


Top 5 Reasons to Submit an Application for a Laurel Award

  1. Celebrate your accomplishments with your board of directors, members, and colleagues.
  2. Showcase your association’s achievements and excellence in the industry.
  3. Honor your team’s hard work and dedication to your industry.
  4. Contribute to develop benchmarks of success in program categories.
  5. Win and have your project recognized as a best practice in the association industry.

Organization Award Categories

Association Budget Size
Small Associations ($0 - $250,000)
Medium Associations ($250,001 - $500,000)
Large Associations ($500,001 - $1 Million)
Largest Associations ($1 Million +)

For each association financial tier, awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Communications: Innovative social media, marketing piece, marketing plan, improved web presence, crisis communication, newsletter, magazine, press relations, design, and branding
  • Government Affairs/Advocacy: Calls to action, grassroots efforts, legislative/regulatory success, and government partnerships
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention: Retention rate, growth, membership engagement, creative recruitment, and new member orientation
  • Meetings/Events/Education: Trade shows, signature events, annual meetings, educational conferences, professional development, collaboration, technology, and launching new events
  • Overall: All of the above with the addition of culture, internal practices, governance, clear mission, strategic planning, professional designations, business plan, technology, and industry best practices

Application Process

To complete the application, you should have the following information:

  • Association Mission Statement
  • Association Budget Size
  • Total Association Membership
  • Brief synopsis of your project (350 words or less)
  • Goals and objectives of your project (350 words or less)
  • Outcome of you project (350 words or less)
  • Any additional documents that you would like to submit to support your application

Please be sure to read the award categories above and determine in which category your project falls. Use as much detail as possible, and provide supporting information that showcases the success of your project. 

Additional Information

Application Fees: $75 per member organization, $150 per non-member organization.

Scoring Criteria: Judges will be basing scores on the clarity, design and creativity of the submitted projects. A scale of 1 to 10 will be utilized and a minimum score will be required. A minimum number of submissions will be required in each category.

Judging: Judges will be composed of other state SAE representatives.

Eligibility: All Pennsylvania state trade and professional associations, as well as regional and national organizations that are based in PA, serve PA and fit into the financial categories may apply.