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Never underestimate the power of a thank you

Posted by on May 8, 2012

Debra Tingley, APRRecently, I thanked someone for helping me solve a problem. He replied to my thanks by inviting me to serve as a guest speaker for a group where he serves as the president. This opportunity would never have occurred if I hadn’t said thanks.

It started me thinking about how often saying thank you turns into business or new contacts.

Every day is an excellent time to consider ways of saying thank you that can bring you more clients, new friends and a good feeling for saying those two small words. So please indulge me this month as we pause to say thank you to one of our PASAE former staff members and to take a moment to show you how your PASAE membership helps you.

1. Join me in thanking long-time PASAE staff member Terry Erb, that pleasant voice on the end of the line when you call PASAE and that happy, smiling face that has so often greeted you at PASAE events. With recent changes at PASAE, we had to eliminate Terry’s position. At our May meeting, we will honor Terry and thank her for her service to PASAE. Please plan to attend to wish Terry well and to let her know that she made a difference for PASAE. She undoubtedly will thank you for being there.

2. Remember to thank those within PASAE who refer clients. Networking opportunities are one of the biggest membership benefits. When you thank people for sending referrals your way, several positive results ensue. It also demonstrates that you are a professional who follows up and follows through.

3. Thank your clients and fellow members. Even when you are interacting with them daily, taking a moment to thank them for their continued trust will increase their respect for you, boost their loyalty, and encourage them to refer others. So, thanks fellow members for staying with PASAE and for all you do to help PASAE grow.

4. Thank the leaders of groups you belong to and not just PASAE. Association officers, program and membership chairs, and special interest group leaders deserve your thanks for the hard work they do– as I thank those who serve with PASAE.

5. Thank prominent people whose work inspires you. Those who generously give of their time to help and inspire others are seldom thanked enough for their efforts.

So many ways to give thanks may suggest that you could spend your whole day thanking people, and that’s not a bad thought. Saying thank you isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a practical approach to strengthening relationships, encouraging referrals, staying in touch with your network and reminding people about your business.

With a thank you leading to business in so many ways, perhaps it should become a significant part of your membership strategy within PASAE. There are so many PASAE opportunities for which to be thankful and I bet if you think for a minute, you can easily come up with a dozen or more.

And by the way, thank YOU for reading this article, maintaining your PASAE membership, showing up at meetings, serving on a committee, offering challenges to your board, finding new ways to improve PASAE and countless other ways that make us all work together better. And most of all, thanks to you for your trust in PASAE.

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