Job Title: Executive Director

Executive Director

Overview of Requirements:  The Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians (PACEP) is looking to establish a headquarters operation in Harrisburg, PA and is seeking a self-motivated and innovative association leader interested in making a difference in Emergency Medicine. The association has been managed for nearly 50 years by a Harrisburg medical association.  PACEP seeks an individual interested in establishing a cutting-edge stand-alone association, to move our organization into the future as "The Voice of Emergency Medicine in the Commonwealth".

The optimal candidate has exceptional front-facing executive presence, communication skills and disciplined operations management experience.  The Executive Director candidate must demonstrate a commitment to promoting quality emergency care for all patients and to representing the professional interests of emergency physicians.

Key Responsibilities of the Executive Director

Leadership – Innovate to make PACEP more nimble and effective. Provide guidance and support to PACEP Board of Directors, executive officers, membership, and staff.

Chapter Operations – Set up an association office, provide small staff direction and operational support. Manage relationship with outside vendors for Chapter services.  

Communication skills – Build relationships with state leaders within the field of Emergency Medicine as well as across all specialties. Excel at collaboration in building alliances with healthcare partners.  Execute public communications including press releases, editorials, interviews and articles.  Act as the official representative and/or spokesperson of the PACEP in all external communications.  Provide editorial oversight of all PACEP print, social media, website and electronic communications. 

Advocacy – Increase the voice of Emergency Medicine in public policy issues impacting the practice of medicine, patient well-being and public health.  Manage the relationship with Chapter lobbyists to maximize advancing the Chapter’s legislative agenda.  Coordinate closely with the American College of Emergency Physicians on all national issues.  Represent PACEP’s mission at public events or to key stakeholders as directed by the Board of Directors. Administer the PACEP PAC.

Staffing – Hire talent as needed to accomplish the chapter’s goals within the resources available.

Fiscal Management – Maintain disciplined financial integrity with the organization aligning the annual operating budget with the board’s strategic goals and objectives.  Communicate frequently with PACEP’s Board of Directors on all fiscal matters.  Process non-profit financial reporting with an external accounting firm in order to complete annual financial reviews and audits in a timely manner.

Board Relationships – Serve as the principal staff representative to PACEP Board of Directors and coordinates with the Board President in development of the Board agendas as well as annual membership meetings. 

Professional Knowledge –Gain an understanding of many aspects of the practice of medicine including health care policy, payment reform, state and national legislation initiatives, medical education and other important facets of medicine. 

Successful Candidate

The successful candidate will possess the following:

A commitment of wanting to make a difference in emergency medical care in the Commonwealth. This includes advancing PACEP’s agenda to be the leading advocate for emergency physicians and their patients.

A record of disciplined organizational management and leadership success. A plus is experience with professional association management, health care or related fields. 

Demonstrate relationship building skills – able to command attention and convey a compelling organizational vision and enlist broad internal and external support to execute that vision.

Volunteer Engagement – proven ability to effectively manage and grow a diverse group of volunteers, lead effective teams, and guide complex organizations within a changing health care environment.

Strong personal characteristics – the successful candidate will demonstrate integrity, honesty, humility and a genuine approachability.

Outstanding digital communication skills – excellent written and verbal communication skills demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively using multiple digital platforms building relationships with various media sources.

Collaborative management style – the successful candidate will have a track record of a strong participative approach to management.

Outstanding ability to manage diverse, complex issues – the successful candidate must have the ability to engage in multiple, diverse and often complex issues. 

PACEP provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability. 

The search for the Executive Director is being conducted by Bob Ramsey and Laura Tiberi in conjunction with the PACEP Search Committee. Submit resume with cover letter detailing interest and qualifications, along with salary requirements to [email protected] Deadline for submission is May 15, 2019.

 The Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians is the 6th largest association affiliated with the American College of Emergency Physicians with 1750 Emergency Physicians in Pennsylvania working for the common goal of furthering the specialty of Emergency Medicine in Pennsylvania. Membership includes emergency physicians who practice in a wide variety of settings, including large and small groups, academic centers, urban and rural, board certified board-eligible, residents, fellows, and medical students. Despite the varied backgrounds they work together for the common goal of furthering the specialty of Emergency Medicine in Pennsylvania.