About Us

Associations exist to further a particular profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession. They are also an integral part of protecting consumers by establishing industry ethics and standards for product safety and performance. The Pennsylvania Society for Association Excellence exists to educate the individuals who are managing associations. 

Association management is a complex and sometimes challenging profession, and PASAE is where association professionals at all levels come to meet their personal and professional needs.

PASAE provides the highest quality educational, leadership, and professional development opportunities to association executives and staff, as well as supplier members, which enhances the performance of the organizations they represent.

With many education programs and events throughout the year, we'll help you:

  • Learn and exchange ideas
  • Access resources and tools
  • Develop valued relationships
  • Advance in the association industry

At PASAE, association professionals and supporters drive their future through relationships and increasing knowledge in a supportive, professional community.


The mission of the Pennsylvania Society for Association Excellence is to create a community of association leaders that inspire and promote excellence.


PASAE provides gold-standard, innovative services to the association community.