PASAE Committees

“Volunteering on a Committee can help you meet personal and professional goals while being part of the development and furthering of PASAE’s mission - creating a community of association leaders that inspires and promotes excellence.”

There are numerous opportunities for members to participate in all PASAE has to offer. Below is a listing of committees on which members can serve. Committee involvement is voluntary. As a member, you can join any open committee any time throughout the year. The members of closed committees are either appointed or elected to serve.

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Education Committee – Provides both input and guidance to help plan the educational opportunities available for PASAE members including the Connections Conference and single‐issue education such as referred by another committee, roundtable, task force or work group. The committee will not be involved with site selection or logistics with any event, but will be asked to help procure exhibitors and sponsors. This committee will meet at least 6 times per year via video conference call. Each call typically lasts around one hour.

Engagement Committee – Identifies concepts and services that will contribute to the value proposition for members. Any such concepts and services should aim to both retain current members and recruit new members. Committee members will participate in PASAE’s various roundtables and awards programs and will provide input to PASAE’s event staff to develop potential social event programming. This committee will meet at least 4 times per year via video conference call. Each call typically lasts around one hour.

Business Partner Advisory Council – This council is comprised of business supplier members. They will take part in the development of future programs, services and opportunities for ancillary businesses that support the association profession. The Board, other committees, and task forces can refer issues to the council for program development, comments and recommendations. The council can also seek support for programs, products and services that can benefit PASAE. This council will meet as needed and directed by the Executive Committee.


Finance Committee – This committee monitors the financial affairs of PASAE. The committee will review PASAE's financial statements and budgets, and will offer guidance on accounting, tax and investment issues. The treasurer will serve as the chair of this committee. Committee members are appointed by the Board chair.